"Boats at Keyhaven" oil on cotton canvas sheetHenry's oil efforts(Keyhaven)

Cornelius O'London oil paintings with palette knife.

All scratched onto cotton canvas sheets or stretched canvas frames.
"A lighthouse somewhere" oil on cotton canvas sheetLighthouse

"Beyond Winchfield" Oil and knife on cotton canvas sheetBeyond Winchfield. Oil and knife.
Why Cornelius O'London? my dad was a fruit and veg wholesale/retailer, and had a shop on the Bayswater Road, Notting Hill Gate. It was called "Cornelius O'London" he owned and ran it from the mid 1950's to the late 1970's. Cornelius was my grand father<p/>

A tree in a place
Firs in the Fall
Loco by the gasometers
Milford and beyond
Merlin's Castle
Over the bridge and far away
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