Medium Format with
Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S.

Snowdonia with a Mamiya RB67


The Mamiya RB67 Pro-S

Cwm-Orthin with a Mamiya RB67

"Cwm-Orthin Barracks" Mamiya RB67
with Sekor C 360mm lens.

Yorkshire path with a Mamiya RB67

RB67 Sekor C 37mm Fish-eye
"Top of the Hill" Grosmont

Tanygrisau with a Mamiya RB67

"Near Tanygrisau" Mamiya RB67

Snowdon Miners track Mamiya RB67

"Along the Miners Track" Mamiya RB67

Rhossydd with Mamiya RB67

"Monochrome and Mist" Mamiya RB67

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Sunset at Black Rock Mamiya RB67

Sunset at Black Rock beach. Mamiya RB67

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Sand Grass Post Mamiya RB67

Grass-Post-Sand. Black Rock near Cricceth
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