Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S film camera

Mamiya RB67 at Cwm-Orthin


The Mamiya RB67 Pro-S

Mamiya RB 67 Camera and Lenses For Sale.
Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Full Kit For Sale
1/ RB67 Pro-S Body
1/ Pro-SD Filmback
3/ Pro-S Filmbacks
1/ Bullnose Meter/Viewfinder
1/ Waist Level Viewfinder
1/ Sekor C 37mm Fisheye lens with original and IR filters
1/ Sekor C 50mm lens
1/ Sekor C 90mm Soft Focus lens with filters
1/ Sekor C 127mm lens
1/ Sekor C 250mm lens
1/ Sekor C 360mm lens
1/ TAMRAC Expedition X7 back-pack
1/ Benbo Mk1
1/ Minolta Auto Meter 1V-F
Film: SFX, BW, Colour neg, Tranny
Some regular and IR Filters
all in great working order.

Mamiya RB67 Snowdonia trip

Mamiya RB67 in Snowdonia

Kensington and Chelsea Mamiya RB67

Sekor C 37mm Fish-eye & Ilford SFX
Kensington and Chelsea. Hanwell

Bulleids Mamiya RB67

At the Bluebell

Hoodie Mamiya RB67

Hooded Lady

Ivatt Mickey Mamiya RB67

Little Ivatt tank with a goods rake
on the Mid-Hants Mamiya RB67

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Snowdonia Mamiya RB56

Derelict quarry works near Ffestiniog
Mamiya RB67

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Spam can Mamiya RB67

West Country Class Flat top
Wadebridge on the Mid-Hants

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